Planet Bluegrass wedding photography
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Planet Bluegrass wedding photography

A quiet tender moment by a river and canyon cliff wall between the now-married couple in a patch of golden sun.  To me seeing nature in such a peaceful location gives photos an ethereal feeling that can't be paralleled.  These two had a playful and romantic connection that keeps my addition for telling love stories going strong.  In this photo they walked down to the pebbly shore of the river in the Fall while water levels were low.  The sun poked through the large cottonwoods to create a heavenly patch of light that screamed for me to direct them into.  From there I let the two of them interact naturally and see how they connected without my input.

Planet Bluegrass Ranch has beautifully sculptured grounds and the new Wildflower Pavilion with lush gardens and flowers that makes it a perfect venue for great wedding photography.  With 20 acres to play on and bordered by the St. Vrain River, it's solitude will give your wedding a destination feel.  There is an outdoor bar area and their barn has a festive atmosphere for your reception.  Note that the restrooms are separate, so it is a more rustic venue in that respect.  It is still definitely worth checking it out if you're looking for a quaint mountain wedding lcoation.

Planet Bluegrass is located in Lyons, Colorado.  Contact: (303) 823-0848,

Location: 500 W Main St, Lyons, CO 80540.