Wedgewood Wedding Center Fort Collins
Colorado Wedding Photographer - Mark Creery Photography

Wedgewood Wedding Center Fort Collins

I captured the last glow of the sun poking through the large cottonwoods at the Tapestry House in a summer wedding.

There was just a sliver of light left, with not much time to get the shot, so I quickly had them find the sunlight and then have a moment between them.  I love the venue for the many lights in the bushes, which add another level of romance to any photo there.  

Tapestry House also offers the added touch of adding a brick with the couple name and wedding date into the ground for posterity.  The Wedgewood at Tapestry House invite the couple back on their anniversary to reminisce about where it all happened.  The spot for these bricks is currently under some well-lit trees, so it makes for a great portrait just before the 10pm sending off with bubbles. 

The Wedgewood at the Tapestry House is located in Laporte, Colorado. Contact: (866) 966-3009,

Location: 3212 N Overland Trail, Laporte, CO 80535.