Mark Creery Photography

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide customized packages?

I work with you to personalize your wedding package based on how much coverage you need and any features you want included, like an engagement session or album. Since every wedding is unique my couples find my flexibility helpful and refreshing.  I can also provide small wedding/elopement packages.  I can accommodate most budgets, so let’s chat and I can make it work for you.

Do you offer the digital files and do I get the rights to use them?

With each package you get the digital images in high resolution jpeg format that are fully edited to look their best (including blemish removal if needed). There is no watermark and you can share them with friends and family as you like. I give you a print release so you can print them anywhere.

Do you provide black-and-whites, or just color photos?

I fully edit each image in color, but also create custom black-and-whites so you choose which you prefer. I also go a step further and create some artistic versions to create a stand-alone art piece, with different finishes like vintage, sepia tone, blurring, and stitched together high-resolution panoramic photos.

Do you offer a second photographer?

Yes, you can add a second photographer to any package at a flat rate no matter how long I’m there. I do not have an 'in-house' photographer, and instead pick one based on your needs and personalities. While having more photos on your wedding day is great, it might not be necessary if you don’t need getting ready photos in different locations or your budget is tight. 

How do you handle the ceremony as a solo photographer?

During the ceremony I use two different camera bodies with a wide angle and telephoto lens on each that I can quickly switch back and forth from (within just a few seconds).  So for the processional, I might use my telephoto to capture the bride coming from further away from the end of the aisle and then swing to the groom for a close-up of his reaction as he sees her (hopefully capturing some tears or a big grin), then I might go to a wide angle as she gets closer and then get behind as she passes by and zoom in to the groom's expression again between her and her father's shoulders.  Then from there I am moving around discretely during the ceremony to capture lots of different angles, and getting people's reactions and the key moments. If you are choosing between adding a second photographer or an album to your package, I usually recommend getting an album.

How far do you travel for weddings? Is there an extra fee?

I travel throughout Colorado and Wyoming - wherever weddings happen! Travel is the nature of my job given the amazing scenery all over, so I don’t charge an additional fee. If you are having a destination wedding further away I can give you a custom quote.  I have experience photographing in many different environments and venues around the world, so I can handle any location.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

You will generally receive your pictures within six weeks, depending on the time of year, but it’s usually earlier. I post some soon after the wedding on my business Facebook page so you have something to look at and share in the meantime. You will also get an online gallery to easily share your photos and order professional products, such as prints and canvases.

How do I get my digital photos?

As soon as I complete your photo processing I will upload them to your online gallery, where they will be available for download with a PIN.  It's here that you can share your photos with friends and family.  You can also hide photos you don't want others to see before sharing.  I will also mail you back-up DVDs that include all your images, including black-and-whites.  I always recommend backing up your photos to different locations, including the cloud, for safety.

Should I make a shot list?

This is a common question as this is often recommended to do by blogs.  There are many photos I know to capture from my vast experience - The Kiss, exchanging the rings, First Dances, the details, etc. - basically anything typical.  Beyond that I am always looking to capture candid photos and anticipating moments.  We will discuss your day again close to the wedding to make sure I am on the same page as you, and this is where you communicate any surprises I might not know about.  I will also give you a questionnaire that will ask certain questions about your 'must have' photos.  Beyond these, I encourage you to make a family photo list so that this part of the day goes quickly and efficiently.  I am happy if you'd like to share a Pinterest board to give me an idea of what you like, but it's definitely not necessary.  I can use this for inspiration, but find that trying to recreate photos is not ideal as this takes away the creative, spontaneous nature from my photography.  An exhaustive list of wedding day photos taken from the internet I find is not helpful, as then I am trying to check off photos and risk missing real moments in the process.

Should I get an album, and do you design the albums?

I encourage my couples to consider getting an album. My albums are gorgeous works of art that you will fall in love with, and it will bring back all of the emotions of your wedding day.  I personally design it to best tell your wedding day story. These are family heirlooms that will get passed down for generations.  Have a look at my page on wedding albums for more information.

Do you use professional equipment?

Nothing is more important to me than making sure you get the quality wedding photographs you deserve.  To help with this I use top-of-the-line Nikon equipment, with multiple back-up camera bodies and lenses in the rare case of equipment failure.  My cameras have dual memory card slots, which means I always have a back-up of each photo right away.  When I get home I back-up everything on my computer as well as upload immediately to the cloud, so I take no chances when it comes to your precious photos.  All this means you have nothing to worry about when you put your trust in me.  My camera gear is also water-resistant, which means I don't have to run for cover when raindrops start falling.

Have you photographed at my venue before?

I have lots of experience at a wide variety of venues in three countries and many cities and towns.  Colorado has such a wide variety of venues and many natural locations to choose from.  If I haven't shot at your venue(s) before, chances are I have at somewhere similar before (including dark churches).  To make sure there are no surprises and to scope out potential photo locations I always show up to a new venue early.  I do not generally travel for rehearsals for this purpose though.  Although it's reassuring to know a photographer has worked at your venue before, I can honestly say that some of my most creative work has happened when I see a place for the first time with a 'fresh' eye.

Do you also provide videography?

I am a photography specialist only, even though the equipment used is similar.  Videography requires specialized audio and software, plus they can have cool gadgets like drones too.  Ask me I will be happy to refer you some great ones that I have worked with before.

Do you have proper insurance?

Yes, I do!  I have professional photography insurance which means I can photograph in any venue that has a high liability insurance requirement.  Plus if my equipment gets damaged I can quickly repair or replace it so that I always have the gear I need for your wedding.

What happens to my retainer if I need to change my wedding date, or cancel?

Your retainer is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.  However, if you need to reschedule the retainer is transferable to the new date if I am available.

What if you can't make my wedding because you're sick or something bad happens?

For me not to make your wedding I would have to stuck in the hospital, or worse.  And that would be very sad.  But so far (knock on wood), I have never missed a wedding for any reason.  I will do everything in my power to be there, so rest assured I will not call in sick because of the sniffles.  That being said, in the highly unlikely event I can't make it, I have a network of qualified photographers that can be used as a replacement.  I am part of a great community of professionals that are there to step in and help in such a circumstance.