Wedding photographer for Baldoria on the Water
Mark Creery Photography

Wedding photographer for Baldoria on the Water

Baldoria on the Water is a premier wedding destination in Colorado. Wedding photographer Mark Creery Photography serves this venue and will make the most of what the venue has to offer to tell a wedding story that's worthy of your big day. The ceremony space at Baldoria is located on a picturesque lake with a fountain, and there are great gardens for more photo locations. With a capacity up of up to 500 guests it has room for weddings of any size, with a large patio with an awning so your ceremony doesn't have to be delayed because of rain.

In this candid photo I captured the bride arriving at the venue and just about to get out of the classic car she was driven in.  I love the excitement and anticipation that shows on her face.  She is holding a pocket-sized bible that is very important to her as well as a simple but classy bouquet arrangement.  I took the shot over the car door just as it was opening to create a feel of looking in at the scene instead of intruding in it.  This venue definitely has an Italian classic flare that will help make your wedding photos memorable.  Baldoria on the Water is located in Lakewood, Colorado.  Website:  Contact: (303) 507-3554,

Location: 146 Van Gordon St, Lakewood, CO 80228.